Rathmore Add Division 2 Title


Congratulations to Rathmore who defeated Na Gaeil to win the Rhyno Quality Feeds Div 2A title & gaining promotion to Division 1 next year on Sun 2nd Nov.  Rathmore have progressed steadily the past few years & have gained back to back to promotion in both league & championship. The foundation to the Rathmore win was their dominance in the middle third area with Laoise Coughlan & Jodie O’Sullivan in the half back line cleaning up a lot of ball & providing the first line of defense. Also Caroline Reen in the half forward line was pretty unstoppable winning primary possession & scored some wonderful long range scores & also ran at the Na Gaeil defense to win crucial fees. Rathmore opened up a decent lead in the early stages of the first half but Na Gaeil kept plugging away & were rewarded with a goal from Ayesha Roche to get them back in touch of Rathmore at the mid way point. This startled Rathmore & they replied with points from Caroline Dineen & Caroline Reen. They also had some goal chances but as always Laura Fitzgerald the Na Gaeil keeper was up for the challenge. However Rathmore did eventually get a goal near the end of the first half to give them a comfortable lead, as Caroline Reen followed up the quickest after a great save from Laura Fitzgerald. Half time score Rathmore 1-08 Na Gaeil 1-03. Na Gaeil with nothing to loose threw everything they had into attack & Rathmore were under fierce pressure to clear their lines. Na Gaeil were rewarded for their efforts mid way with a goal from Kate Anne O’Connor & this was followed up with a great point from a Marie Quirke free. Sensing danger Rathmore half forwards funneled back to help defense & win kick outs. It was a strategy that worked as Rathmore broke up an attack & the ball was moved down field at pace. Na Gaeil full back became entangled with Noreen Murphy who quickly transferred the ball to Eileen Murphy Captain who hit a powerful shot to the back of the net, despite the great efforts of the keeper with the power carrying it over the line. Na Gaeil attacked the opposition looking for a goal chance but unfortunately it didn’t come. Final score Rathmore 2-11 Na Gaeil 2-08. Pat Hartnett Chairperson presented to Rathmore Captain Eileen Murphy.