Survey: Nutrition Knowledge and Dietary Intake of Gaelic Athletes

There is currently very little research surrounding the nutritional knowledge and dietary intake of Gaelic athletes especially within female Gaelic athletes. As a student studying for a MSc in Human Nutrition at Ulster University, I am carrying out research which will investigate the Gaelic athlete’s nutrition knowledge and their daily dietary intake. This project will require a large number of participants to create more accurate and informative results. With your help it will enable us to reach out to more players to participate in the study. The aims of the study are:

To investigate the dietary intake of Gaelic football athletes and compare this with the national daily reference values and recommendations for athletes.
To investigate the nutrition knowledge of Gaelic field athletes using a pre-validated sports nutrition knowledge questionnaire.
Each athletes participation will involve filling out a 15-minute Nutrition for Sports Knowledge Questionnaire and logging their daily dietary intake for four days (2 weekend days and 2 weekdays) via smartphone app. Consent to partake is provided by the participants upon voluntary completion of the questionnaire and allows the use of the athletes data (which is anonymised) for the research. Athletes who complete the questionnaire and supply their email address will be sent an email instructing them on how to begin logging their food diary using the app “LIBRO”.

To be eligible athletes must be:

Playing a Gaelic field sport.
Playing at county or club level.
Healthy and training at least twice a week.
Aged between 18-40.

Click on the link to take part:
I have also attached a participant recruitment poster that you may want to use alongside the questionnaire link.

Your help will be greatly appreciated as it will allow for future research in this area leading to more Gaelic specific nutrition guidelines along with creating education-based interventions for athletes to address any nutritional inadequacies.

Many Thanks,

Áine Breen

Recruitment Poster