LGFA Performance Improvement Training

** LGFA Performance Improvement Training***

✅✅ Calling All Female LGFA players ✅✅

Are you a LGFA player that wants to make a club or county team?!

Do you want to improve :

  • Speed on the pitch
  • Strength but not bulk
  • Endurance to keep going for a full 60 minute game
  • Flexibility
  • Agility

I’m currently available for any player underage or senior , who wants to work individually on their game which will improve yourself on the field. Personal training for LGFA players which will focus on an area that you need to work in for example speed , agility , power, accuracy etc.

Regular team training is very good but if you want to go that extra 10% you should focus on yourself at an individual level, for the better of your team.

Each player has a certain individual area that needs to be worked on. By working on this for example agility / Speed / endurance or strength which are the main aspects we should target 🎯 This will guarantee better performance and results by focusing on certain aspects that you as a player need to work on. This service is Personal Training for LGFA players , on a 1 to 1 or a small group setting.

A small bit about myself (Miriam), I am Personal Trainer with Croi Fitness for the past 7 years. I have a passion for all Football/Soccer in particular as I was a player on the Kerry Ladies Senior Football team for years. Since finishing I have started training the U16 Kerry Ladies Football team. Currently on my second year with them and loving every minute of it seeing all the girls improving.

Contact Miriam on 0876901291 to start training on your individual training ✅💪