Invite to the offical launch of Twin Power

A little about the book:

‘The Lost Cup’ is the sequel to Twin Power: Throw In and sees a return to the world of Aoife and Aidan Power.

Aoife and Aidan Power love playing Gaelic Football. Together they are so skilful and fast, their friends call them ‘Twin Power’. 

Things are changing for the twins and their gang, with new friendships, football injuries and tense matches.

When an old rivalry throws up a mystery, will it bring them closer together – or split them apart? 

“The Lost Cup? You don’t want to know about that”.  Aidan has been thwarted at every turn, in his efforts to find out where the mysterious lost cup is hidden, or if it even really exists.

A year after the escapades of Gaelic football mad twins, Aoife and Aidan Power, along with their four best friends in Twin Power: Throw In, the Droichead Beag gang are back!

However, all is not rosy. Cracks are starting to show as the gang’s strong foundation creaks under the strain of new friendships with players from their rival club Gorman, along with football injuries and tense must win matches.

With all this tension in the background, Aidan becomes fixated on finding the mysterious Lost Cup which was allegedly hidden 100 years ago during the Irish Civil War. Why will no one talk to him about it? Will a school trip to the GAA museum in Croke Park shed any light on this mystery? How is the lost cup linked to rivalries between Droichead Beag GAA and Gorman GAA?

Can Aoife and Aidan solve this mystery, reunite their gang of friends and return to having fun on the football field?

The launch at Listowel Writers week promises to be a lovely afternoon for all the family, footballers and non-footballers alike..

Free tickets can be ordered at this link

I am also leading a conversation of sports writers on Saturday 3rd June at Writers week. 

Football, camogie, trampolining, gymnastics: come hear three writers in conversation about their sporting lives.

Eimear Ryan, author of the stunning Holding Her Breath, has written a book about being a woman in sport: The Grass Ceiling.

Poet Rebecca Perry was a trampoline gymnast to a very high level and has written On Trampolining, a debut non-fiction book about her experiences.

Their conversation will be led by Emma Larkin. She is the author of the Izzy series of sports-themed books for children that have a particular emphasis on empowering women and girls. She is also a football coach.

The event will be introduced by Aisling Darby, who did her work placement with Writers’ Week in January. Aisling Darby started gymnastics at the age of 4 and instantly fell in love with the sport. 

Tickets can be purchased at the link here:

Emma Larkin Books