Guidelines governing spectators at all games

Hi all,
As you know Government guidelines regarding spectators at games have been revised this week.
The following information must be distributed among all club players, mentors parents/guardians and supporters

Games must now be played “behind closed doors”,
Host venues are asked to ensure all entrances are secured with no more than 40 persons per team allowed access to games for the moment. This figure should include all players, management, coaches, and female liaison officer.
A list (max of 40) with names of the teams/mentors is now required and should be handed to home club steward/representative when entering the grounds.

The 80 team personnel (40 per team) is in addition to essential match day personnel such as Match officials (Referees, Linesmen, Umpires), Media and event officials (stewards etc.)

Only 1parent/guardian is allowed accompany a juvenile player into the venue where a game is being held.
All other spectators will be refused entry.
Only players, mentors and game officials are allowed on the playing field.
Parents/guardians must remain outside the field of play and maintain social distancing guidelines
Any breach of the above may be reported to the county board and appropriate action may be taken by the executive of the board against clubs who do not adhered to the guidelines.
Stay safe,
Kind regards,
Nora Fealey,
Kerry LGFA.