Féile 2024

CastleIsland Desmonds  9.30am
Féile 1 Group 1 Pitch 1
10.45amInbhear Scéine Gaels 0-01 v Listowel Emmets 1-01
11.30amMKL Gaels 1-04 v Inbhear Scéine Gaels 1-01
12.15pmMKL Gaels 1-02 v Listowel Emmets 1-01
1.00pmCastleisland Desmonds 2-04 v Listowel Emmets 0-00
Féile 1 Group 2 Pitch 2
10.00amCastleisland Desmonds 2-02 v Abbeydorney 0-04
10.30amSouthern Gaels 1-07 v Corca Dhuibhne 3-01
11.00amCastleisland Desmonds 1-03 v Southern Gaels 1-03
11.30amAbbeydorney 0-04 v Corca Dhuibhne 0-01
12.00pmCastleisland Desmonds 2-03 v Corca Dhuibhne 1-03
12.30pmAbbeydorney 0-02 v Southern Gaels 0-03
1.00pmSouthern Gaels 3-04 v Runner UP G1 MKL Gaels 0-02
Final 1.30pmCastleisland Desmonds 1-02Southern Gaels 0-02


All games will be 20 minutes (10 mins a half)                                                               

All games are 15 a side with a maximum panel of 24                                                                 

All girls must get meaningful game time)                                                                      

3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw                                                                

In the event of teams been tied on Points, the head-to-head will decide the placings, followed by overall score difference, scores against and finally scores for.

In the event of a draw in either the semifinals or final, extra time of 5 minutes a half will be played, and in the event of a draw after extra time, a free kick shootout will decide the result.

Games are played at full playing rules, and the sin bin shall be 3 minutes.              

A Red card is a One match Ban

After 7 minutes you must put on two subs. The referee will stop the play.                                          

After 3 minutes of the second half you must put on 2 subs. The referee will stop the play. The player who went on after 7 minutes cannot be taken back off at this point.

No more than 4 mentors will be allow on the sideline during games, and they will be required to wear bibs.