Cromane LGFA Need your help


A message from Cromane LGFA

Please come out and support this Bingo which will be held on Oct 29th at 8.30pm in aid of Amber O Connor. Amber is a local little girl who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The money raised from this bingo will help Amber’s family at this very difficult time.
Our club has benefited from this bingo back in July when we were awarded €2500 towards the club so it is only fair we continue to support this bingo and the vital funds needed for our community.

A message from John Brendan O’Connor

As some of you know, my little niece Amber has being recently diagnosed with a rare type of cancer.
We are holding a bingo night in Jacks to raise money for Ambers treatment on Tuesday October 29th at 8pm.
Our family would really appreciate if you could come along on the night and support Amber’s cause! Hope to see you all there, and spread the word!! Thanks everyone. Feel free to share