Clubs to benefit Lidl PROMOTION

Lidl, have announced the details of a fantastic new competition that will directly benefit your clubs to the tune of up to €1,000 with a further three €5,000 prizes to be given away via Lidl Social Media channels!
The Club competition will be run in store and will invite shoppers to nominate their club to receive the cash with the overall winners being decided based on who receives the most nominations.
(Click on link below for full info on promotion)

LGFA A4_nominate

This is a major competition and one that can have a great and positive influence within your clubs, we are asking you to bring the competition to the attention of all your clubs. Lidl are anxious to provide as much benefit to our clubs and members as possible and are asking for feedback from you and your fellow members on how best to provide the most benefit for the grassroots of our game. We urge all of you to send any feedback that you or your members have to us at