Call out for players and teams for a ladies Gaelic football film

Hi all.

So, the idea of the film is to educate people, who would probably otherwise never go to a game. It’s to try to encourage others to support their local and county ladies football team and to come out to matches. It’s trying to push ladies’ football and give the players the recognition they deserve, by showing just how committed these players are to club and county.

The agency is looking for a clip, done on your phone by turning your phone side on, landscape, so maybe get a pal or a family member to help.

Introduce yourself with your name, age, where you live, the club and position you play in. Tell us what you work at and how much Gaa football means to you, really push this as they want to get to know the person auditioning and the frustrations they feel. Be honest. Be yourself.

Send me on the clip through this my email and I’ll send it onto the agency. 

The main lady, whose story they want to follow, will be needed for filming in Dublin on Oct 26th and 27th and that person will be paid Eu3000 for her participation. We are also looking for maybe six or possibly more, other girls, for a scene in a bus chatting on the way to a match and for another scene in a car. These girls will be paid Eu1500 each for their time. So I would encourage as many of the players to send in clips as well, you just never know. 

We will have a football match on one of the days, so we are also looking for two feisty teams up for the craic. We want to see real skill on the pitch in this scene and to show the determination of each side to be the best.

For this clip it m might be nice to see some football being played behind the scenes and hear two or three of the team members, introduce their club and talk about their passion to win, their passion to play as a team and their love of the sport, and maybe let someone tell us about the frustration that can also be felt within the team for the lack of support at times.

Let me know when you upload your clip and I’ll send on to the agency.

And thanks so much again for wanting to be a part of what I think will be a very moving and educating film.

Best of luck!!!! 


Thanks a million,


Yvonne Kinsella

That’s A Wrap TV 

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