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Randles Brothers Co Junior B Final in pictures

Some images of Sundays Randles Brothers County Junior B Championship Final.
Thanks to Elayne & Paul of Cois Lí Camera Club for taking the photographs. If you would like to find out more about the camera club or get a copy of a photograph from today’s match you can contact Elayne by emailing


DSC_67681600119780025 DSC_67641600119780021 DSC_67651600119780022 DSC_67661600119780023 DSC_67671600119780024 DSC_67631600119780020 DSC_67611600119780019 DSC_67551600119780017 DSC_67541600119780016 DSC_67421600119780010 DSC_67431600119780011 DSC_67471600119780013 DSC_67521600119780015 DSC_67411600119780009 DSC_67341600119780006 DSC_67321600119780003 DSC_67401600119780008 DSC_67311600119780002 DSC_67371600119780007 DSC_67361600119780006 DSC_67291600119780001 DSC_67231600119779997 DSC_67201600119779996 DSC_67261600119779999 DSC_67271600119780000 DSC_67211600119779996 DSC_67221600119779997 DSC_67281600119780000 DSC_67171600119779995 DSC_67101600119779992 DSC_67111600119779993 DSC_67121600119779994 DSC_67131600119779994 DSC_67081600119779991 DSC_67071600119779991 DSC_67061600119779990 DSC_67051600119779989 DSC_66981600119779985 DSC_67001600119779986 DSC_67031600119779987 DSC_67041600119779988 DSC_66881600119779979 DSC_66821600119779976 DSC_66721600119779973 DSC_66671600119779970 DSC_66801600119779974 DSC_66861600119779978 DSC_66941600119779983 DSC_66931600119779982 DSC_66831600119779976 DSC_66891600119779980 DSC_66811600119779975 DSC_66681600119779971 DSC_66711600119779972 DSC_66661600119779969 DSC_66641600119779968 DSC_66621600119779967 DSC_66531600119779964 DSC_66551600119779965 DSC_66571600119779965 DSC_66581600119779966 DSC_66511600119779963 DSC_66501600119779962 DSC_66441600119779961 DSC_66391600119779961 DSC_66331600119779958 DSC_66221600119779956 DSC_66151600119779953 DSC_66171600119779954 DSC_66271600119779958(1) DSC_66371600119779960 DSC_66361600119779959 DSC_66251600119779957 DSC_66351600119779959 DSC_31221600119779946 DSC_66121600119779951 DSC_66041600119779947 DSC_66081600119779948 DSC_66141600119779952 DSC_66101600119779949 DSC_66031600119779947 D71_44611600119779935 DSC_66111600119779950

Kerry -v- Monaghan in pictures

Some images of yesterdays win against Monaghan in Round 5 of the Lidl Ladies National Football League Division 2 Clash. Thanks to Michael Kenny for taking the photographs. If you would like to find out more about Michael Kenny Photography, visit his website:

IMG_6830 IMG_6833 IMG_6838 IMG_6841 IMG_6845 IMG_6848 IMG_6860 IMG_6866 IMG_6867 IMG_6871 IMG_6875 IMG_6886 IMG_6888 IMG_6905 IMG_6909 IMG_6915 IMG_6917 IMG_6920 IMG_6924 IMG_6925 IMG_6929 IMG_6934 IMG_6935 IMG_6941 IMG_6942 IMG_6948 IMG_6964 IMG_6968 IMG_6977 IMG_7001 IMG_7011 IMG_7025 IMG_7044 IMG_7062 IMG_7063 IMG_7070 IMG_7090 IMG_7099 IMG_7108 IMG_7111 IMG_7115 IMG_7119 IMG_7137 IMG_7146 IMG_7156 IMG_7163 IMG_7169 IMG_7172 IMG_7182 IMG_7183 IMG_7186 IMG_7202 IMG_7209 IMG_7220 IMG_7223 IMG_7235 IMG_7247 IMG_7279 IMG_7287 IMG_7298 IMG_7308 IMG_7312 IMG_7313 IMG_7315 IMG_9059



Munster Minor Championship R1 in pictures (Kerry -v- Tipperary)

Some images of yesterdays win against Tipperary in Round 1 of the Munster Minor Championship. Thanks to Elayne & Paul of Cois Lí Camera Club for taking the photographs. If you would like to find out more about the camera club or get a copy of a photograph from today’s match you can contact Elayne by emailing

D71_0320 DSC_3379 DSC_3372 DSC_3365 DSC_3355 DSC_3349 DSC_3325 DSC_3330 DSC_3333 DSC_3338 DSC_3340 DSC_3324 DSC_3317 DSC_3306 DSC_3303 DSC_3295 DSC_3294 DSC_3261 DSC_3257 DSC_3292 DSC_3290 DSC_3250 DSC_3289 DSC_3248 DSC_3245 DSC_3283 DSC_3244 DSC_3224 DSC_3175 DSC_3171 DSC_3208 DSC_3236 DSC_3234 DSC_3203 DSC_3168 DSC_3166 DSC_3191 DSC_3230 DSC_3225 DSC_3181 DSC_3160 DSC_3158 DSC_3123 D71_0725 D71_0724 DSC_3122 DSC_3141 DSC_3139 D71_0743 D71_0711 D71_0710 D71_0729 DSC_3130 DSC_3128 D71_0727 D71_0708 D71_0696 D71_0688 D71_0676 D71_0672 D71_0664 D71_0653 D71_0648 D71_0640 D71_0631 D71_0623 D71_0621 D71_0615 D71_0611 D71_0610 D71_0604 D71_0597 D71_0592 D71_0585 D71_0583 D71_0579 D71_0573 D71_0571 D71_0570 D71_0564 D71_0563 D71_0560 D71_0558 D71_0552 D71_0547 D71_0539 D71_0534 D71_0528 D71_0527 D71_0525 D71_0517 D71_0512 D71_0509 D71_0502 D71_0495 D71_0493 D71_0491 D71_0485 D71_0482 D71_0479 D71_0474 D71_0468 D71_0462 D71_0460 D71_0455 D71_0453 D71_0448 D71_0445 D71_0443 D71_0440 D71_0432 D71_0431 D71_0428 D71_0424 D71_0409 D71_0406 D71_0401 D71_0396 D71_0391 D71_0388 D71_0386 D71_0382 D71_0381 D71_0375 D71_0371 D71_0369 D71_0363 D71_0359 D71_0354 D71_0345 D71_0343 D71_0339 D71_0335 D71_0333 D71_0327 D71_0323